Performance Nutrition

Nutrition is 20 percent science and 80 percent habit. It takes time, strategies specific to your lifestyle, and on-going support to truly change your behavior and improve your performance for the long run. Athlete Factory Performance Nutrition centers on a precise combination of fueling and hydration to produce tangible, lasting results.

Through the integration of proper food selection, portion control, nutrient timing, and sufficient hydration, The Athlete Factory can help you transform your body composition, increase your energy levels, and improve your performance.

Coach Zac Turner, our resident nutrition expert, will help you develop a better understanding of your current nutritional intake, identify your nutritional requirements (based on sport requirements, age, height, weight, etc), and provide you with a personalized plan for continued progress.

AF Performance Nutrition System

  • Identify your Individual Nutrition Deficiencies
  • Improve Energy Levels to Enhance Training and Practice Time
  • Improve your Body Fat Percentage to Optimize Performance
  • Speed Recovery from Training and Competition
  • Provide Gameday Nurtition Strategies for Improved Performance on the Court, Field, Track, or Ice