Requiring Power, Speed, Agility, and Durability, Football is one of the most physically demanding sports around.

At The Athlete Factory, we know the importance of having the power to impose your will on an opponent, the endurance to be at your best in the 4th Quarter, and the speed and agility to make impact plays all over the field. No matter your age or ability level, we’ll have you ready to perform at your best on game day.

Football Performance Training at the Athlete Factory will help you take your game to the next level.  Whether you’re a pro, college bound, or working to become a starter, we’ll help you become stronger, faster, and more prepared than you’ve ever been.

The Athlete Factory Football Training System combines performance training, nutrition strategies, and recovery/injury prevention techniques to allow players to deal with the physical rigors of a demanding season and stay fresh well into the postseason. When you add in world class coaching and position specific programming, athletes will continuously improve on weaknesses and wind up spending more time on the field and less on the bench.

AF Football Training System:

Performance Training
  • Individualized based on Position and for In, Off, and Pre-Season
  • Strength and Power at the Point of Attack
  • Speed and Agility to Make Plays sideline to sideline
  • Energy System Training for Explosive Sprinting and Lasting Endurance
  • Recovery and Injury Prevention
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Increase Mobility and Joint Integrity
  • Specialized Gameday Recovery Methods
  • Nutrition Strategies (additional charge)
  • Improve Body Composition and Performance
  • Gameday Nutrition Strategies
  • Pre-and-Post-Training Nutrition