What is a cyclist’s worst off-season nightmare? A cold and icy central Illinois winter has to be pretty high on the list. The lack of outdoor cycling opportunities is what makes this the perfect time to add strength-focused training to your off-season plans. We can help you to enter next season with more power, more durability, better ability to recover, and improved physical control of your bike.

This program is designed to progress naturally as you become adapted to the training stimulus. Lighter loads, basic movements, and more repetitions early on allows you to develop your muscles, joints, and nervous system while solidifying the foundation that your new strength/power will be built on. As you gain ability, the loads will increase and the reps will decrease, making you strong and capable. Next, we’ll introduce plyometrics and power movements, used in conjunction with off the bike drills to turn your new strength into explosive, sport specific power. By next spring, you will move more efficiently, and be stronger and faster on your bike.

In an effort to be as efficient as possible, we’ve whittled away most of the excess. The programming will primarily pull from a few different classes of exercises that we’ve found to provide the most “bang for your buck.” We’re not interested in doing the new, flashy, or hip methods…just the ones that produce physically stronger cyclists.

The meat and potatoes of what you’ll be doing is:

  • Strengthening: We’ll use the foundational movements (hinge, squat, lunge, push, pull) to increase your strength levels, and the durability of your joints. The aim here is not to build bulk, but to balance the body and strengthen the systems that you use to control your bike. You’ll notice an increased resistance to overuse injuries, the wear and tear of training/competing, and injuries that can be caused from even simple crashes.
  • Postural Restoration & Recovery: This is where we use specific “prehab/rehab/therapy” movements to build up your core and improve movement quality. Hip stability, shoulder stability, and balance are all incredibly important to competitive cycling as they ensure efficient transfer of energy to the road, gravel, or trail you’re racing on. We’ll reactivate, re-educate and strengthen all those deep core muscles to ensure a high level of carry over from the gym to the bike. This will improve not only your streamline/aero position, but also turn all that newly built strength into more wattage.
  • Plyos/Power Development: Cycling is a sport built around speed and power, and this is where we train your muscles to work at speeds specific to cycling. You will increase rate of force production with a combination of explosive movements and cycling based drills.In the end we believe a competitive cyclist is a delicate balance of physical abilities, fitness, and riding skills that are only developed with time on the saddle and in the gym. Our expertise in developing your physical base will ensure that springtime finds you with newfound stability, agility, strength, and power, making it your best race season in 2016.




  • Cost: Two sessions/week: $150/month
  • Session Dates: Monthly memberships. Official start date will the first Monday of each month.
  • Days/Times: Allow yourself 1hr for full warm-up/workout/stretch.
    5:30-6:30pm 5:30-6:30pm


  • Coach for Cycling: Off-Season Strength Program: Ben Mahieu
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  • Won’t lifting make me bulky? Will more muscle make me heavier and slower?
    Our goal isn’t to make you big and bulky, it’s to balance out your frame and make you a more effective cyclist. Any weight you gain (maybe a few pounds) will be productive and make you a better athlete. Ultimately, you control your weight with the food you choose to eat, so if you’re interested in changing your weight or body composition this winter, we can help you with that, too.
  • What will I get for my $$$?
    2x a week, with a two hour window during which Coach Ben will lead you through warm-ups, mobility, strength and conditioning, and post workout recovery. He will design a custom program that solidifies the foundation required for high intensity and/or long distance cycling across a variety of different disciplines.
  • I race criterium on the road and he races xc on the trails, which are totally different. How can we both get better from the same program?
    The first few weeks are lower intensity to help you get acclimated to the new style of training, but also so Ben can become familiar with your strengths and weakness as an athlete, and the specific demands of your season. This will allow him to manipulate the program as you go so that you can be sure to get as much carry over as possible to the racing season.
  • What if I can’t make these times, how many people are needed to start another group?
    A group of 4 is all we need to start.
  • Can I start before the start of a new month if I’m ready now?
    You bet, email us today to get started!