The sport of basketball still has a lot of catching up to do in the strength and conditioning world. I’ve been involved in the sport in some capacity for the last 25 years (read more of Chad’s bio HERE), and one thing I’ve learned is basketball players don’t embrace the weight room like other sports. There’s a stigma that exists that “lifting” will throw off our shot, or hinder our performance in someway. Much of this thought process exists due to the lack of strength and conditioning coaches’ ability to relate to the basketball player mindset. Many strength and conditioning coaches do not have a basketball background, and are unfamiliar with all of the intricacies of the sport. As a former collegiate player turned strength and conditioning coach, I have developed the ability to not only get basketball players to embrace the weight room, but get the results they are looking for!

The Athlete Factory Basketball Training System will help you take your performance to the next level by focusing on a few simple points:

Program Goals

  • Listen to your specific goals as an athlete
  • Reduce injures by bulletproofing your body
  • Focus on what transfers over to the game
  • Finding the ideal weight for you to play at
  • Discussing proper nutrition habits
  • Making you stronger and more explosive, a trait all players need
  • Teaching you recovery habits to keep you fresh all season long
  • Developing the mindset to be a great player/person
Pure Sweat Basketball Training featuring Coach Chad Hobbs